5 Community Marketing Ideas Your Practice Can Implement Today

Community involvement is important not only because it gives you the opportunity to educate people — it also puts a face to your practice, builds goodwill with the community, and keeps your practice at the top of their minds.

In this article we’ll show you what you’ll need, where to go, and how to carry out your community marketing.

What You’ll Need

As you plan to attend health fairs, community celebrations, and bridal shows, you might consider this list for your tools of the trade.

You’ll need a rolling toolbox — for example:


Your toolbox will house your tabling materials, including:



-Business cards


-Brochure holders

-Christmas lights and other lights

-Extension cords

-Branded tablecloth

-Prizes for your portable plinko board

-The Plinko board, like this:


Your branded canopy, which may look similar to this one:


We used to bring spinning wheels, which are great, but plinko boards are less of a hassle – they make portable boards that are much easier to bring places and set up.

And you know where your new plinko board really comes in handy?

Community Activities

Certain events can produce a powerful wave of goodwill, awareness, and ultimately, growth for your practice.

Of course, not all events are created equal, and time is your most precious resource. Choose wisely. This guide will get you off to a good start, but follow through with additional research to find the events that will bring you the most opportunity.

Let’s start with schools.


-Stick with elementary and middle schools.

-Focus on the urgency of preventative visits as well as growth and development observation.

-Get in with the school PTA.

-Get in with formal “partner in education” programs at the district level.

-DON’T just give away stuff, actually go to the events.

Health Fairs & Festivals:

-Many local Parks and Recreation departments have annual health fairs.

-Make sure your practice has a presence at these events.

-Community festivals are a must as well.

Sports Venues:

-Set up your table at Little League sports venues.

Final Thoughts

Again, community involvement is a great way to educate your community while providing more awareness for your practice.

What’s more is the responsibility to give back to your community. Do you have to? Of course not — but it feels good to get out there and make a difference in people’s lives, while simultaneously building your practice up in the public eye.

This top of mind, reputation-boosting style of marketing is arguably among the best.

Because people aren’t just seeing an ad, or hearing a radio commercial — they’re taking in the very core of your brand; experiencing the personality and humanity of your practice. That goes a long way.