25 Key Questions to Ask to Attract More Patients to Your Practice

“Content is the fuel for your patient-attracting efforts.”


If it’s not already at the top of your priority list, it should be. The main reason practices fail is because of weak patient attraction.

The main reason they succeed? Yep. A pipeline that’s about to bust with new patients.

The most successful practices we’ve seen build their practice around their patients:

1. Getting new patients

2. Improving their patient’s experience and nurturing existing patients

3. Expanding their operations by getting new patients (referrals) from existing patients

Now here’s the crazy thing.

Practices spend 25%-43% of their marketing budget on content, but only 23% of CMOs feel they are producing the right information for the right audience, and delivering it at the right time and correct format. Here’s some real talk for you.

Creating a marketing ecosystem that drives sales isn’t easy and it never will be. But it CAN be simple.

So there’s that.

Also, with this guide, it’s more than doable. You’ll see what I mean. In this guide, we’ll go over 4 simple (not easy – simple) phases that will inevitably take your practice to the next level. And by “next level,” I mean More leads. More calls. More appointments.

More new patients.

Let’s start with the basics:

Next are the questions you need to ask yourself before you even start marketing.

Remember the 3 pigs?

Hay-pig, stick-pig, and brick-pig.

Answering these questions is laying a foundation of brick. If those were the only options anyway… Let’s say concrete since that’s the best.

These questions are going to be tough to answer but remember – the more you ask yourself, the more you’ll answer, and the more you answer, the more new patients you’ll get from your marketing efforts. There’s a direct correlation here. Gotta ask those questions!

Know Your Target Patient

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Who are we creating content for?

2. Do we know where those future patients hang out on the Internet, and how to find them or bring them to us?

3. What problems do we need to solve for them?

4. Do we have an efficient system to get the patient “out of the water, and into the
boat?” (In other words, do we have our marketing funnel set up properly and running

5. What bait are they hitting on? That is…

6. …what forms of content do they consume the most, and share the most?

7. What types of content are they statistically most likely to exchange their email for?

8. When do they “bite?” What time of the day do they interact on social platforms? What time do they read their emails? Blog posts?

9. What niche do we need to dominate, to attract the right people and expand the brand by becoming thought leaders in the most applicable industry?

10. What are the best social media platforms to post on and why?

Connect With the Community

Questions to ask yourself:

11. Where do my prospects go when they need my product or service?

12. What’s the best way to reach out to them and why?

13. What are the best free advertising platforms for this niche?

14. What does my ideal patient look like?

Build a Blog and Content Marketing Machine 

Questions to ask yourself:

15. How will we schedule and manage the creation and publication and promotion of our content?

content marketing planning pic

16. How will our market become aware of our practice?

17. How will our market come to trust that we have the answers?

18. What partnerships do we need to create in order to achieve our strategy?

19. What is <top competitor> doing right that we aren’t?

20. What is the most efficient way to get direct sales from content?

21. Who are our competitors?

22. What are our content marketing team’s strengths?

23. How do we put this information into action?

24. What value do we bring that benefits our patients in ways our competitors wouldn’t dream of proposing?

25. What would the result of using this strategy to run our practice look like?

practice dental chair pic

Armed with a glorious array of the answers to these 25 questions, your practice will be poised to launch to the peak of massive success and inevitable victory.

Go forth and conquer. I’ll see you in the next one.